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Wine Escape Room game: Legend of Lochkeye
Legend of Lochkeye 1
Legend of Lochkeye 2
Legend of Lochkeye 3

Wine Escape Room game: Legend of Lochkeye

370 :-


Solve the clues. Discover the hidden code. Unlock the antidote.

Your distant relative, great uncle earl lochkeye has passed away, leaving you a tremendous fortune! Alas, this means that bitter relations will use any method necessary to claim this inheritance as their own, even poisoning!

Embark into the depths of a mystery with this interactive game, as you put your knowledge to the test to figure out the clues within the dusty, crumbling rooms of the abandoned manor; to discover the 4 digit code and unlock the antidote!

With four historic ‘rooms’ to escape from (the library, study, atrium and servant quarters), you must answer all the questions and riddles on the playing cards correctly, then fill in the score sheet and decipher the locked 4 digit combination!